Eqwell Elastic Roller Bandage stretched


Our elastic rolled bandage provides secure and comfortable support for sprains, strains, and other injuries. Made from premium materials, it offers excellent compression and elasticity, promoting proper healing and recovery.

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eqwell elastic roller bandage is composed of cloth and elastic that allows it to stretch and retract. It conforms to uneven surfaces and applies even pressure to the area covered. It is used to apply pressure and/or restrict movement. The elastic bandage is normally used when a sprain needs to be immobilized. Make sure the bandage is not tight enough to restrict blood flow unless it is used as a pressure dressing.

  • Flexible and breathable
  • Usage in hospital/clinic/home dressing
  • Post treatment of all fractures
  • A professional crepe bandage for sports and patient care needs
  • Provides optimum support to the user and holds the wrapped area well
  • Sprains and painful joints, varicose veins etc.

Care for wounds as a primary or secondary dressing to ensure a swift recovery


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