Eqwell 100% Pure Absorbent Cotton Roll for Multipurpose Use


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Our absorbent cotton rolls are ideal for medical and healthcare settings. Made from 100% pure cotton, these rolls have excellent absorption properties, allowing them to efficiently soak up liquids, fluids, or blood during medical procedures. They are soft, sterile, and hypoallergenic, ensuring patient comfort and safety.

  1. Beauty and Cosmetics Cotton Rolls

For beauty and cosmetics purposes, we offer cotton rolls specifically designed for makeup removal, facial cleansing, and nail care. These soft and gentle cotton rolls are perfect for applying toners, creams, or lotions to your face. They are also suitable for removing makeup, including eye makeup, without causing irritation.

  1. First Aid Cotton Rolls

Our first aid cotton rolls are essential for any first aid kit or emergency preparedness. These rolls are highly absorbent and provide a clean and sterile surface for wound dressing and bandaging. They are an excellent addition to your first aid supplies, ensuring proper wound care and hygiene.

  1. Arts and Crafts Cotton Rolls

If you are an arts and crafts enthusiast, our cotton rolls can be a versatile tool in your creative projects. These rolls can be used for various craft applications, such as painting, printmaking, and mixed media. They provide a soft and absorbent surface for applying and blending colors, and their flexibility allows for easy shaping and molding.

  1. Cleaning and Household Cotton Rolls

Our multipurpose cotton rolls are also handy for household cleaning tasks. They can be used for dusting delicate surfaces, applying or removing cleaning solutions, and general household cleaning. The soft and lint-free nature of these rolls ensures efficient cleaning without leaving residue or scratches.

  1. Pet Care Cotton Rolls

For pet owners, our cotton rolls can be useful in pet care routines. They can be used for gentle cleaning around your pet’s ears, eyes, or paws, as well as for applying topical medications or ointments. These rolls are gentle on your furry friend’s sensitive areas, ensuring their comfort during grooming or medical care.


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