Absorbent gauze swabs/sponge/pad Non sterilized


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Swabs are manufactured from 100% pure cotton, and come in a variety of sizes and thread yarns and meshes. The material that the swabs are made from ensures a high level of absorbency and softness.

our gauze swab is a piece of square dressing, used for cleaning out and protecting minor lesions, wounds, scrapes and abrasions. Swabs are also used to absorb blood and other bodily secretions, and can be used in conjunction with an antibacterial cream or ointment. They are placed directly over the wound.

Gauze swabs are widely used for both professional and consumer needs, in hospitals, clinics, senior living facilities, schools, and households. They are an essential item for any first aid kit.

Sizes Available: 5cmx5cmx8ply-100pcs/pack

  • 100% pure cotton
  • Absorbency within 2 sec
  • Soft and breathable
  • ISO 13485-2016 and SITRA approved.
  • Non sterilized
  • 100pcs/pack
  • Pack of 1

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7.5cmx7.5cmx8ply, 7.5cmx7.5cmx12ply, 7.5cmx7.5cmx12ply (X-ray), 10cmx10cmx8ply, 10cmx10cmx12ply (X-ray), 5cmx5cmx8ply, 5cmx5cmx12ply, 10cmx10cmx12ply


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